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 War of the Suns

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Geek Converted

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PostSubyek: War of the Suns   Fri Jun 13, 2008 3:12 pm

Duh gawat ada racun baru...dan bisa EMPAT player (Kuomintang, Communist China, Japan, dan British Commonwealth)!!

Ini dari website MMP
Key game concepts include:
The HQ activation system - Players move units under the activated HQ. The number of activated HQs is affected by command points, the quality of HQ selected, and whether China is cut off from foreign routes. Randomness and quality of the HQ affects who moves what first.

The KMT replacement system - KMT units are divided into 3 levels: The elite units with imported weapons; the standard units equipped with what Chinese herself produced; and the local units which simply bought whatever they could find locally.

The Political Affiliation system - Each warlord and minor country has its own home territory. They may be affiliated with different players at different levels under different conditions. Friend may become foe with a random or historical triggering event.

The Guerilla System - From the setting up of guerrilla bases to a unique combat system, Guerrilla actions from CCP, KMT, and even British player can be as active as the front line.

Optional Rules - The game does not shy away from controversial subjects such as wartime atrocity, opium production, and Japanese collaborators. It also includes an "alternate history" section that probes into many "what if?" situations, e.g. what if Stilwell has not been recalled, but instead was capable of commanding all the Chinese forces?

Keren abissss!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Geek Converted
Geek Converted

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PostSubyek: Re: War of the Suns   Fri Jun 13, 2008 3:37 pm

Iya nih, gua juga nungguin, sama Tide at Sunrise. Very Happy
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Geek Adept

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PostSubyek: Re: War of the Suns   Fri Jun 13, 2008 4:14 pm

# Game Details: Players: 1-4
# Scenarios: 5
# Complexity: Medium to Hard
# Playing Time: 5 to 34 hours

gileee minimum gameplay aja 5 jam! klo 34 jam ditinggal dulu kaliyaa trus diterusin besoknya
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PostSubyek: Re: War of the Suns   

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War of the Suns
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